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December 15, 2008



Glad to hear from you, Elizabeth! It seems that everyone I have talked to is behind one way or another with Christmas this year. I have done less this year but feel more in the Christmas spirit. I am, however, rather bummed out about not seeing my daughter for the second Christmas in a row. Maybe next year. And maybe next year you will have everybody around that big table of yours.


We're here with you, Elizabeth...Hey. Do you want to come to my house for Christmas? We have a small table, but I can make room for lots of people!
It does feel wierd when you're "more alone" on the holidays, doesn't it?


I am with you in the need to get into gear. The trouble with swapping hemispheres is that I no longer have the right triggers to make me get ready for Christmas. My excuse and I'm sticking to it. I have bought everything and now I just need to do a mega wrapping session.


I know the feeling. Just finished the kitchen and realized I had to still do Christmas shopping, baking, cleaning, decorating, and wrapping. Notice there wasn't a "we" tucked in there? Oh my goodness the trials and tribulations...
Thinking it will be January before I make it up there. Everything still open in Jan?


Cute kitty!


I too am in a state of bah humbugness. I can't seem to get into the spirit of things this year. We haven't had any snow (which always helps) and I can't seem to get myself into gear. Here's hoping we both find our way!


Good to see you back here and what a snuggly looking cat. I finally got the "spirit" last Thursday, forced myself to sit down and order Christmas, it's all been delivered now, I just need to wrap, hoping the "spirit" will hit me again soon.


OF course we are out here, eagerly scrambling for whatever little tidbits you toss our way.

And hoping you do make it back at the end of the week.

Love the cat pic.


Thank you for the Diggery photo. He looks so scrunchable. I wouldn't knit either if I had one of those.


Glad to hear that there is someone else besides me with a bit, of how the heck do you knit or read for that matter syndrome when you are holding an elderly Siamese cat and a little dog. And, with the two boy cats draped over my neck or lap.
I want to get back to the basic Christmas again, less rush, no fuss kind of Christmas. The kind of Christmas with a simple tree, good food, less gifts or even no gifts (I know hard to do when there are kids). The time to just enjoy the joy, wonder and the magic.


Ooooh... I think I'd be humbuggish too :(
But a lovely cat like that help a little.

Go shopping at supper time... much more sane in the stores!


I love Diggery!

(Oh, and you TOO, of course. But that goes without sayin'.)

Liz in IN

She's back! Yay! Sorry the Christmas spirit is dragging its bum getting to your house. Maybe watch the original animated Grinch...that always helps me. :)

Perhaps your fam would be available Boxing Day, or the weekend...I feel your pain over the long-awaited table space not being put to use.

LOVE Diggery. So stand-offish. ;-)

Is it *your* birthday Christmas Eve?

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