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October 02, 2013



Nice catching up. Have you found a place to live yet? I'm sure something will turn up... and you'll make the best of it. You do that.


Congratulations on selling! I hope you find somewhere to move to that suits you perfectly.
Gorgeous photos - I really enjoyed seeing your preserves and veggies :)


Glad you sold the house, and boo on the rental that fell through, hope that means an even better one is just around the corner!

Your spoon looks amazing!

Do you have a recipe for the ketchup? We made some mustard - I think it was basically white wine, vinegar and mustard seeds.

Also like your red carrots! Apparently they are more nutritious than the orange ones, we just ended up with orange ones at some point because the Dutch liked the color.


I so envy you on all that canning, though I know I shouldn't, as envy always concentrates on just one part and there are other parts not to be envious about. But still. I made only 17 jars of jam so far, and a few jars of apple spread. We do bake bread more, though, and I am slowly getting Top1 to cook a bit more adventurous, and the little ones chip in more and more with the household.

That art community would've been lovely. Hope you'll find a nice replacement, if not now, then later. (Renting means you can move more easily, doesn't it?)

Try and enjoy the last few weeks at the house, with the frogs and the garden and all!



So glad about the house, and I hope you'll find just the right new home for you.
The handcarved spoon will be a perfect memory, as well as a new skill you can take with you wherever you are.


You have got your hands full! Congratulations on the sale of your home and best of luck in your new search!

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