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January 06, 2014



That reminds me of the drive to the hospital when I was six, on the day that my youngest sister was born! Scary but so beautiful. I'm glad you were able to manage.


Your photos are awesome. I hope it's a little less cold now ...
I almost forgot ... Happy new year! ;)


Look at that crystal tree! It's breathtakingly beautiful! But I can see the difficulties as well that come along with such a hard winter period. Hard to imagine here, as we still had no real winter temperature in West-Germany, even no snow or ice at all, which is quite unusual in our region. At least blue sky after weeks of lousy grey days... ;o)
Warm wishes!


Hi Elizabeth,
Thanks for the comment.
Jacksons are the creatures pictured in the post you commented on. They are a type of chameleon.


happy new year to you too.
i've enjoyed your recount of those snow hard days, times like this, if not too bad (what am i saying?), i love creativity pops up and makes one get on with things.
the photos are sublime.


What stunning photographs! It sounds like you did amazingly well in a difficult situation xx


Ice storms are hard on the trees but oh, so gorgeous. We get them here in Wisconsin, too. That polar vortex has finally shifted away. Temp is above freezing, for (I think) only the second time since December 1. Thank goodness for central heating, down comforters, and warm woolies!


What an adventure indeed! No winter here - not even remotely. It's just autumnal, and not the kind with lovely colours and all that. Rain, grey sky, but not cold. We can even cycle to school with the kids on some days.

Yeah, job hunting, I hear you. The year is only a week old, and I've had six jobs offered and accepted(translation, copywriting, a few hours here, a few hours there), only to have two of them actually form into something solid. Not enough to pay the bills - again. It'll be a tough year, but hey, what else is new.

(I did finish and publish my novel BTW. Glad that is sorted out. Some people even bought it, and thought it quite good. No claim to fame though. But still. I did it.)



It's great you were able to experience it with the conditions you had. Every time we lose power we slow down and even though it is stressful, it is good to change the pace of life. The images are beautiful!


Happy New Year and best wishes with keeping warm and with your job finding.
Your photos are beautiful and shine so much warmth, here is a little warm Japan sunshine back for you!!


Your frozen world does look beautiful! We had a generator once during a power outage in severe winter weather. It was brought by emergency staff, so that we could continue giving our daughter her medications. It was a huge and noisy thing that ran on gas, and had to be left outdoors for safety reasons - so we had to have the door open to have the cable ran in, and with it came the cold that we were trying to keep out! But it worked for the meds, phew!
Oftentimes I find it hard to see the beauty of our winter weather, I confess, because of all the little and bigger complications (and scary times) it comes with.
Here's to hoping that the rest of winter is kinder!
Good luck with finding just the right job.

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