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February 26, 2014



I picked up a brush recently, but it felt uncomfortable and I disliked all the hassle with paint. So, for now, gone are the days of me painting.

You picking up painting again, experimenten with new materials, is quite hopeful. Perhaps, in the end, I'll pick up again too.

I SO hope your arctic hell will melt soon, and you can go out and explore!


Karyn Taylor-Moore

Gosh!! I'm amazed how clever all the Corner Viewers are . . . I have been seeing some fabulous creativity in this Experiment theme. You definitely need to experiment more with oils. And it's fun - and sometimes challenging - to try different mediums, they can take you where you don't expect to go which is exciting x


i think so too: that you are ready. interesting, the difference, is it not? i like both effects and agree on the slow moving oil business... ;)))
well, i'm elbow deep in acryl anyway, thxs for the encouragement. n♥


I had no idea you were such an artist!!


I wonder that you might fall in love with oil painting once you get into it!!
Maybe if you are making acrylic work for selling, the oil painting can start as being something for your own creative exploration, and it will also be interesting if working in oils will influence your acrylic painting too, anyway it so fun to experiment with materials! Beautiful painting and expressive touch in both:))♡


Your experiment was a success! I think they would would great hung together.


oh, definitely, give it time, and do more oil painting - you can't achieve the same results with acrylics, can you really?


That is impressive! Time well spent indeed!


I can see why it tasted like more (personally I feel to unorganized for painting with oil)


I think that was time well spent!! I much prefer oil paints over acrylics. I haven't used them in years but have been thinking about pulling my paintbox out. Maybe once I finish quilting up the behemoth wedding quilt ~ too many things competing for my time!


Love it! So beautiful! Wish I had that talent!


Love it! I'm not a painter but I certainly am an appreciater!

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