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February 05, 2014



it looks devestating. to think this is just water, in a different mode... breakfast looks the ticket!


but alas, a splendid vision comes across to us, although it may not be what you `planned` it is perfect:))
and its all `motion` too, this movement I can feel through your efforts of wanting to do something, and the something that becomes what you do, that too is a wonderful movement and I feel you capture `motion` beautiful and express it and reveal true vision and true motion!!!♡


I want your breakfast! Yum! Have a great weekend!


I think I prefer the vision your breakfast offers anyhow!


The first photo is very appetizing! And the other 2 are impressive, especially the last one! Reminds me of Hoth planet in Star Wars (The Empire Strikes back) :D


If the outside is all great, indeed the inside is shining! Lovely breakfast!


Holy moly - have that mug/tea infuser in the first photo!!! It has a lid, yes?? You have excellent taste! Nadine posted a photo of a plate that my mom has... it's old home day for me!


oh, but you have such a gorgeous morning coffee/tea mug :)


Well at least your dat started with some bright colors!
And in inuit language they have many words for the color and for snow....many ways of a vision of the wintercolor!


The sunrise is in your vision...


What a fierce winter you're having! But the candle holder is gorgeous, and will certainly look like a "vision" when lit!


That muffin looks so delicious! Yum! I know what you mean about capturing certain topics---I too did not get the motion of my husband on the tractor shoveling snow. I had to go with he and the dog playing together, which was nice too.:>)


The grapefruit has brought you a little sun! :)


I love the vision of your breakfast!


yummy breakfast!


Can imagine your all white vision...you have our corners to take a bit of colour ;)

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