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March 19, 2014



oh! my!
as simple as that...
i'd love to hang up my bucket on a maple tree and harvest when the time and syrup are ripe. such a fairy story coming true, it feels like.... n♥


really!?! that is awesome!! it totally makes me think of little house on the prairie!! i would love to taste some maple syrup straight out of a tree one day!!


Never tasted fresh maple syrup. Makes me yearn to get to know Canada even more...

(Is that snow finally melting?)



i just love maple syrup!! i got to know it at my time in the states and i fel in love...and now the distance is to big for me...( i live in the netherlands!)


i learned from the little house in the prairie that "sugaring weather" is when it gets cold again after a brief warm spell!! mind you, maple syrup will sweeten whatever weather you get :)

Karyn Taylor-Moore

How completely fabulous. Hopefully the distance is getting less and less everyday! I have never tasted fresh maple syrup - though we can get real maple syrup here in NZ. I love it.


We're all coming to your house for pancakes... in July!


Ooh, fresh maple syrup! Yes please!

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